The Boris Brexit Battlebus shamelessly proclaims that “We [the UK] send the EU £350 million a week” which is easily proved incorrect by official government spending figures. It is indicative of the type of campaign these particular Brexitors are running when they so brazenly parade an demonstrably false figure.

The actual figure that we contribute to the EU is £161-million per week, which less than half the amount prominent Brexitors like Messrs Johnson, Gove and Farage rattle off at every opportunity.

If I saw a car for sale at £10,000 but negotiated it down to £5,000, you’d quite rightly call bulls**t if I said it cost me £10,000. Not to mention what you’d think if I repeated that claim, over and over again.

Domestically speaking, MPs like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are hugely influential and stand to have even more significant roles in government in the event of a Leave vote. Regardless of whether you side with Leave — indeed if you think anything north of £0 is too much to contribute to the EU — once the referendum is all over and we are back to focusing on health, education, business, etc., do we really want such dirty tacticians responsible for domestic policies?

@Jellybooks co-founder. E-learning & digital publishing nerd + developer. Knee-deep in web, database and mobile dev. Fond of comp. linguistics and photography.

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