Do check out Part 1 if you’re not familiar with my concerns regarding RubyMine. As mentioned, I’ve got dozens of niggles that bug me, so here are five more things that I tend to spot on a semi-regular basis whilst I’m working on my Rails projects.

Models with JSON datatype

The typical databases that…

My day job is developing a Ruby-on-Rails application. I’m won’t pretend to be a Rails fanboy by any stretch, but it does allow for rapid development which is useful in start-up life, and it’s good enough for now. Ruby is a dynamic language with a rich standard library. The Rails…

“What’s done is done.” “Get over it.” “Move on.”

The referendum result was an upset for just under half of voters across the United Kingdom. Whilst we will all move on, it is surely understandable and expected that Remain supporters are upset, disappointed and quite possibly angry.

Analogies are not…

Let us cut to the chase: the Leave campaign does not have any credible economic arguments on its side. The only fiscal card up their sleeve is recovering cost of EU membership, a net contribution of £8.5 billion.

However, the UK government spent £673 billion last year. That works out…

Michael Gove had a career in journalism before entering politics. Boris Johnson had a career in journalism before entering politics. Precisely what qualifies them to be so expertly dismissive of so many expert economists, lawyers, academics, business leaders, health specialists, etc., isn’t entirely clear.

But the weight of expert opinion…

The Boris Brexit Battlebus shamelessly proclaims that “We [the UK] send the EU £350 million a week” which is easily proved incorrect by official government spending figures. It is indicative of the type of campaign these particular Brexitors are running when they so brazenly parade an demonstrably false figure.


If there’s one silver-lining it is that David Cameron is sure to have more sympathy with our teachers now that he has experienced what it is like to have Michael Gove as a thorn in one’s side.

Photograph credit: Eddie Mulholland/Rex Features

Andrew Roberts

@Jellybooks co-founder. E-learning & digital publishing nerd + developer. Knee-deep in web, database and mobile dev. Fond of comp. linguistics and photography.

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