• Jake Connor

    Jake Connor

    Engineering physics student (like EE but more fun), Musician, Baseball Umpire, Idea-factory. Always working on a project, because free time == wasted time.

  • Wasin Thonkaew

    Wasin Thonkaew

    I make digital products like apps, and games. https://wasin.io

  • charlotte geater

    charlotte geater


  • Sprylab


    Next generation digital publishing | https://purplepublish.com/

  • Alexander Möller

    Alexander Möller

    Eloquent, linguistic, free spirited.

  • Adam Roney

    Adam Roney

    Digitally transforming professional services — Founder & CEO, Calls9 (https://www.calls9.com)

  • Jamie Brooker

    Jamie Brooker

    Building companies that put human beings at the centre. Founder We Are Human & Kahoot!. Design, business, startups, tech, education.

  • Tom Felix

    Tom Felix

    Fitness Nutrition Coach. I write about improving yourself by developing good habits.

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