Indefinite Remain to Leave

“What’s done is done.” “Get over it.” “Move on.”

The referendum result was an upset for just under half of voters across the United Kingdom. Whilst we will all move on, it is surely understandable and expected that Remain supporters are upset, disappointed and quite possibly angry.

Analogies are not my strong point, yet I suppose I can compare it to a job redundancy, or a relationship break-up. When the decision is made for you that things are to fundamentally change, there’s going to a period of personal turmoil no matter how optimistic one may to start a new chapter.

Many people were, and still are, deeply vested in European Union. Their livelihoods, relationships, education, culture and indeed identities are entwined with the continent. There is a lot of passion for the EU, indeed even love for it.

Thinking back to the relationship analogy, it would be a tad blunt to offer a “move on” on the day a friend had experienced a separation. There’s an immediate loss, not to mention anxiety of resolving peripheral aspects: dividing assets, moving-out logistics, mutual friends/social circles are disrupted, and what if there are kids involved?

To the citizens celebrating the Leave vote, by all means enjoy your triumph. We’re certainly not after pity, but give us a little while to reconcile this momentous change. I do not feel this is about Remain voters being sore losers — if that is how the outpouring is coming across — but rather genuine sadness and hurt over this news.

The population will coalesce in the near future I’m sure. In the meantime the two sides need a bit of time and space, as well as mutual respect.

@Jellybooks co-founder. E-learning & digital publishing nerd + developer. Knee-deep in web, database and mobile dev. Fond of comp. linguistics and photography.

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